About me

Tomas Rivera

I fall in love the filming and the editing. When I started my first attempts, I realized that I love photography on the same level.

Slowly but surely, friends started asking me to take picture of them, shoot their passion in action etc., but it wasn't until I was approached by my first beloved brand that I realized it's business.

Now I run my own videography company specialising mainly in feature wedding films and product or brand commercials/promos.

And like I said, photography is also my passion. I would definitely be happy if you ask me to take some pictures for you.

What I DO?

white and black plastic toy car
white and black plastic toy car



High quality feature wedding films. Product or brand promos with professional cinema camera in 6K RAW



My passion is also photography, especially portrait and street photography. Also I create photographic images.


Drone Filming

I love the shots that are possible with modern drones. The clever incorporation of aerial shots enriches the entire film.

black nikon dslr camera on white table
black nikon dslr camera on white table



I actually started out as a video editor and colorist. Over time I realized that I wanted to make whole films. I have a very specific style that brings originality.

black device
black device

WORK with mE

I am a professional videographer first, and photography is my passion. I look forward to working with you! #photo #video let's go!